Chalkboard paint jars

New fun project this weekend- experimenting with chalkboard paint!
My officemate, Heidi, recently showed me all the amazing things you can do with this paint. I decided to label some jars with it. They usually sit in the cabinet, but they are pretty cute, so I figured, why not put them on display on the counter.
It’s a pretty easy process and took about fifteen minutes
Step one: put tape on the area that you want the chalkboard paint to be in.
Sep two: get a small roller or paintbrush and paint the desired area.
Step three: let it semi-dry (ten minutes) don’t wait any longer than this, because you still want to be able to rub away some of the paint.
Step four: using a qtip or a paper towel, smudge away any areas that are outside of the line.
Sep five: wait to dry completely
Step six: label your new jars!