Finding Salsa in Gulu


Really. I don’t think there is any food I love more.

In fact, I often dream that my life goal is to travel the world in search of the perfect salsa. I am currently trying to figure out how to finance this operation.

I woke up a couple Sunday mornings ago with a need for salsa, so I rose out of bed with one intention for the day: Find salsa in Gulu. I packed by backpack, hopped on a motorcycle taxi, and headed to the market, where I purchased….

these delicious, fresh veggies! $1.50.

some limes from my new buddy, Betty

at the market

….and made salsa!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find tortilla chips anywhere in Gulu, (bummer) so I ate the salsa with a spoon, but it was still pretty dang good!

2 thoughts on “Finding Salsa in Gulu

  1. The salsa sounds delicious, bummer about the lack of chips. My sister was living in South Africa for a year and it took her almost that long to finally track down a bag of tortilla chips. She took them to the beach where a baboon stole them out of her backpack. True story.

  2. Molly –
    I love your food blogs. Can you do more on food now that you are back in the US? Maybe you can do one that explores local asheville resources.

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