Savory Sweet Potato Waffles, and more!

Gluten Free Meal Plan

Quarantine has turned me into a person I would have laughed (and rolled my eyes) at 10 years ago. But, embarrassingly enough, Meal Planning Molly has made her appearance in 2020. And it’s brought me enough joy that I wanted to share it with you. Usually, I go to the grocery store and bop around, sample a few things, get inspired, and forget to buy 90% of my groceries. Then, we end up going out to eat more times a month than we should and wondering where all our money went. 

This week, we’ve got some fun things going on in the meal planning world, mostly inspired by my favorite blog: Cookie and Kate. 

Also, during the pandemic, to bring just a little joy into our lives, we decided that we’d go out to eat one day a week. Last week, we walked up to downtown West Asheville and got gluten-free fish and chips from my favorite neighborhood restaurant, BimBeriBon. SO. INCREDIBLE. And made me feel like we live in a little quaint seaside English town. Salty, flaky fish, ramekins for vinegar for dipping, half a lemon for squeezing on the fish and crispy potato wedges. Yummers. 

Enjoy our meal plan – I hope it inspires you!