The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia

Recently, I’ve been craving a sense of balance and structure in my life. For the last year and a half, I’ve been bouncing around the globe, coordinating and leading medical trips, and it can be insanely exhausting. Feeling particularity run down after returning from Ethiopia, I found myself online searching for some inspiration. I stumbled across this video, made by a […]

Dancing queens at 2000 Habesha

One of my favorite parts of the Ethiopian culture is the way that they so beautifully incorporate dancing and music into their culture. At 2000 Habesha, one of my favorite cultural restaurant in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, they perform a variety of traditional Ethiopian dances. Eskesta is an Ethiopian term that means dancing shoulders. Through Eskesta, these dancers translate war songs, love songs, work songs, hunting songs, […]

What I learned from Invisible Children

When I saw my first Invisible Children documentary in 2007 at Appalachian State University, I was in complete shock. I couldn’t believe there was a long-standing war underway in Northern Uganda. I left the screening feeling terribly uneducated, naive, and mad at myself for not knowing that this was going on. I couldn’t believe that children were being used as soldiers. Couldn’t believe that […]

Taste of Addis Food Festival

In Addis Ababa Lindsay and I spend a Sunday at the Taste of Addis Food Festival in Floral Tropical Gardens. The scents of Indian, Moroccan, Ethiopian and other types of food lured us around the festival. More than 35 restaurants served incredible cuisine from all over the world and great bands played. Our favorite was the Zagol Band. So funky and unique. If you’re […]

Blue Ridge Range

I am continually impressed with the way Dan creates his music. For several years I’ve had the joy of witnessing his songs morph through different phases, sometimes taking months to find their finishing point. I love seeing that process from beginning to end. It has taught me a lot about the power of patience and the good things that can come from letting something sit […]

Ethiopia: The pure goodness of humanity

I have just returned to Addis Ababa from 10 days in Mekelle, Ethiopia where Operation Smile led a 4 table medical mission at Ayder Referral Hospital. What a whirlwind journey. I am eternally grateful for the volunteer surgeons, doctors, nurses, speech language pathologists, and child life specialists and other volunteers who traveled from India, United Arab Emirates, Peru, USA, London, Sweden, Kenya, […]