OnePriceTaxes, a client that I signed with in January, is a company based out of Morrisville, North Carolina.

I am really enjoying working for this company. Robbie Edwards and Jason Cale, the cofounders, have been incredible to work for, and it’s truly an honor to get to tell their story.

We have garnered some significant press in the past few months, the most significant on and Click links to read the articles.

If you are a member of the media and interested in chatting with me about OnePriceTaxes, please email me at milroy(dot)molly(at)

About OnePriceTaxes:

OnePriceTaxes has been actively e-filing returns with the IRS since 2007 and has experienced strong growth, doubling the number of returns filed each year since inception. They offer the lowest cost in the tax preparation industry- $14.95 for both federal and state taxes.

Both Edwards and Cale bring significant technology related experience to OnePriceTaxes. They met working together as software consultants at a consulting company and proceeded to work together as software engineers at IBM. Collectively they created the entire system behind the operation of OnePriceTaxes: the tax software, the construction and development of the e-commerce site, the backend database, and the automated scripts that run the entire process.

Not just any company can just start submitting e-file tax returns to Federal and State governments. Only 17 companies in the nation are certified to handle individual tax e-files by the IRS and it takes years to develop the expertise to successfully transmit filing data with the ever-changing I/T systems of the federal and 41 state governments that collect income taxes.