Dancing queens at 2000 Habesha

One of my favorite parts of the Ethiopian culture is the way that they so beautifully incorporate dancing and music into their culture. At 2000 Habesha, one of my favorite cultural restaurant in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, they perform a variety of traditional Ethiopian dances. Eskesta is an Ethiopian term that means dancing shoulders. Through Eskesta, these dancers translate war songs, love songs, work songs, hunting songs, and more. The eskesta dance is meant to be able to translate ideas such as religious beliefs, historical events, ancient stories, and thoughts, through the body movements performed with music.

I encourage anyone who might be traveling to Ethiopia to go to 2000 Habesha. Not only do you get a great view into their dancing culture, the traditional Ethiopian food is delicious, and there are a lot of great vegetarian options. Yod Abyssinia is another cultural restaurant that has dancing and is equally as interesting and tasty.

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