Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Feedings

 We woke up this morning and Clara hired us a driver to take us to two conservation parks outside of Nairobi, the elephant orphanage and giraffe conservation park, both projects under Kenyas wildlife conservation project.

The first one we went to was for baby elephants who have been orphaned because their parents have been killed by poachers.  

Then we went to the giraffe feeding sanctuary and had a great picnic. Quite weird to be eating a sandwitch and then look up and see a giraffe peeking at you.

My trusty travel companions!

Feeding the giraffe!

5 thoughts on “Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Feedings

  1. Hello Molly! or should I say Jambo!

    Of course I am so……………. jealous of you right now! You could have kissed that giraffe! I miss you terribly. You have posted some amazing pictures so far. Keep it up! I am currently trying to read Eat, Pray, Love (for real this time) and strangely enough…. your blog and the book seem to blend together quite perfectly! 🙂 I have worn your blue dress almost every day since you have left….. I hope you don’t want it back! 😉 I love you so much and can’t wait to read more about your crazy adventures!


  2. Sounds great, Molly! Your “trusty travel companions” look a bit suspicious to me, however. One of them wrote us to say what a great time he’s having in Nairobi. Keep blogging!
    Steve and Lao

  3. When you say the driving is crazy, does this mean there are moon roofs flying off cars on the highway???? Great pics. We are enjoying reading your posts.

  4. The Lithuanian, Aurimas, whom you met before departing, asked how your adventure has been fairing so far. I relayed the only knowledge I know, which I have been retrieving from your trusted blog. I’m so glad you are doing this and cannot wait to read (and see) more of your adventures.


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