for you foodies…

Annie and Zan have been begging me to do a food blog, so here it is!

Almost daily, the IC staff head out the door around 1 pm to eat at Abyssinia, the local Ethiopian restaurant. Below is the half veg. It comes with a sampling of different ethiopian dishes, sauteed green beans, spinach, spiced potatoes, greens, etc. So amazing. Here is the proof:

Below is a typical “local” meal in Uganda, red beans, rice. Usually runs about 2,500 Ugandan Shillings (around $1). This is usually served with sweet potato, malaquan (a peanut style sauce) and juice. Mmmm- delish!

Here is a pic of the restaurant where we ate the meal above, near Merchison Falls, where we camped this weekend. Blog on that coming up soon!

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  1. yum yum. food looks wonderful. the outside of your house in the previous blog looks like a ranch house you would find in Ohio, but your inside pics clearly indicate you are not in Ohio. Cole is really enjoying your posts and pics.

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