Hello! Greetings from Gulu! I moved here about 2.5 weeks ago to intern as the Communications Assistant for Invisible Children.

I love it so far. All staff at Invisible Children is amazing, they have made me feel so welcome. My housemates are great, the food is amazing, the work is rewarding, all in all, it’s wonderful. I live with 3 other international staff, Jessica, from Seattle, Mike, from Kansas City, and John, from NYC. Check out our house below….(if needed, just click on photos to make them bigger!)

my room

da kitchen (making salsa!)

Road to the IC office

The IC office

Will post more elaborate updates soon! Here is a link to some pics and a story about IC’s Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) initiative that my colleague Jess and I visited yesterday.

Have a great weekend!


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