Schools for Schools

Over the past few weeks my job at Invisible Children has been to photograph all the buildings at our 11 partner schools in the Gulu district and a couple districts surrounding Gulu. This has been a great project for a number of reasons:

One, I have gotten a firm grasp of what the IC Schools for Schools team does and where the money goes that is raised in the US. I have gotten to see construction projects that are completed, in process, and see the state of buildings that are yet to be started, but will soon be under construction.

Two, I have be able to ride around in the IC truck with different drivers and mentors and get to know some of the IC staff really well. On Thursday, I found myself in the back of the IC truck, gnawing on roasted corn and bopping my head to the local Gulu radio station. I think I am starting to fit in.

Three: I’m doing what I love! And its fun!

The intention of this project is to have photos that will be on the new Schools for Schools website, which is primarily used for fundraising efforts in the US. One of the most nifty parts is that the website will feature interactive maps where you can see exactly where the money raised is going, as well as see the current status of each project. This level of transparency is something that many NGO’s have yet to launch, so it’s exciting to be on the ground over here as it’s underway!

Below are a couple photos I have taken while out in the field the past few weeks while in the field. Click this link to be taken to the Schools for Schools new site: and check out what we’ve been working on.

we have seen a lot of this road

library at Keyo Secondary School

kitchen at Keyo Secondary School

sifting through greens

school chef

water pumps

staff houses, Sir Samuel Baker school

fun students at Gulu College!