Images from my father’s slides

A few years ago, my dad mentioned to me that he had some old slides from his travels laying around. We finally got a chance to go through them and the next two images are my two favorites. In 1971, he took an ocean liner from Mombassa to Mumbai, and then drove through India to Afghanistan, eventually winding up back in the U.K., where he’s originally from. The first picture is from Band-e Amir, Hindu Kush in Afghanistan, and the second picture is from Salang Pass.

The last two photographs are from my most recent visit to India. The first picture is from when I visited the bustling flower markets in Mumbai right before sunrise. The last one I call “Holy Cow” and I jumped out of our tuk tuk while it was moving because I was so inspired by this cow, who doesn’t give a f**k that he’s blocking miles of traffic.

These are currently on display and for sale at Chotta Chai Pani, a pop-up restaurant on Riverside Drive in Asheville, North Carolina, from now until February 18th, 2018.

Email me if you’d like to purchase one!