A Savory Life


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Hi, I’m Molly, and I love to cook nutritious and delicious food. It’s what do to wind down, to destress, and to get away from technology, and feel present. Nothing makes me happier than providing fulfilling nourishment to friends and family.

I realized that meal planning allows me to enjoy cooking even more, and so I’ve been meal planning for a few years. Recently, I started to have friends ask if I’d share my meal plan with them. Um, yes! Nothing would make me happier. That’s what led me to create the A Savory Life newsletter. For my friends, for myself, and for you. Think of it as your own weekly meal prep and planning service. My goal is to make your life easier and more streamlined – so that you have more time for the fun things.

And bonus – meal planning saves TONS of money. My goal is to keep the entire week of dinners below $75. Can ya dig it?

Subscribe above! It will be in your inbox every Friday night for meals for the next week, starting on Sunday. The newsletter also includes a full grocery and pantry list. The meals are budget friendly and delicious! They all have dietary restriction substitutions as well (I am gluten free and 99% dairy free).

Happy Cooking!