A Savory Life


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Most of you all know about my love for all things food and cooking. It’s what do to wind down, to destress, to get away from technology and feel present. Not many things make me happier than providing healthy nourishment to friends and family. 

I realized that as dorky as meal planning sounds (it’s taken me a minute to come to terms with how much joy it brings me 🤓), it has allowed me to enjoy cooking even more, and so I’ve been meal planning for about a year. And because of Covid, I really only want to place one grocery order per week, so it’s been super beneficial to meal plan in order to get organized for the week. 

Recently, I started to have friends ask if I’d share my weekly meal plan with them. Um, yes! Nothing would make me happier. After enough friends asked, it seemed to make sense to create this newsletter.

Basically, this newsletter is just a replica of the simple meals that we’re cooking at home every week. Think of it as your own free weekly meal prep and planning service. 5 easy weeknight recipes and a complete grocery list for the week. My goal is to make your life easier and more streamlined – so that you have more time for the fun things. And bonus – meal planning saves lots of money. My goal is to keep the entire week of dinners below $100. Can ya dig?

Subscribe through the link in my bio! It will be one email in your inbox every Friday night for meals for the next week. The newsletter also includes a full grocery and pantry list. The meals are healthy, budget-friendly, simple, seasonal, and delicious! They all have dietary restriction substitutions as well, as I am gluten free and mostly dairy free. 

Bon Appétit! 😋


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