TRAVEL: Summerfields in Hazyview, South Africa

Location of Summerfields: About 30 minutes from Kruger National Park in Hazyview, South Africa

When we went to South Africa last month, we debated back on forth on staying within the park, at basic accommodations, or spending a little bit more and staying at somewhere like Hazyview. We decided to treat ourselves, because, why not? Trip of a lifetime, let’s do it!


I am the type of traveler that researches, and I mean RESEARCHES, the BEST place to stay for the BEST BEST deal. My friends tease me about it constantly. Summerfields looked way over our budget, so I figured I’d email them and see if they had any deals on. I don’t think they do this often, but they had a “Secret Getaway” package, 3 nights, breakfast included, and we snapped it up.

For those of you who don’t know what Secret Getaway is, check it out. It’s basically like Groupon for traveling in South Africa. Check it out if you’re heading there – tons of great deals!

I am SO glad we decided to stay there. First things first, the hospitality at Summerfields was truly top notch. When we arrived, we were greeted with warm hellos and smiles, a full blown tour of the grounds, including the macadamia farm that it’s on, the beautiful greenhouse turned restaurant, and spa. During the tour, they told not to swim in the river, as there are crocodiles and hippos who might have you as an afternoon snack. No big deal. At the end of the tour, they showed us to our luxury tents, which were completely out of this world. I felt like I’d stepped into a dream.

We stayed in one of the 12 luxury tented suites and, as they promised on their website, we truly were surrounded by the music of nature – the sounds of cascading water, amplified by a choir of bird calls and the occasional snort of a hippo. There was an outdoor shower and luxury bath that made for a great soak after a long day of safari-ing.

One of my favorite spots was the lounge and library area, with beautiful views of the Sabie River.

Breakfast was included in our stay, and it was so delicious. In the mornings, after waking up to the sounds of the river roaring by, you’d walk to the breakfast area, half asleep, where you were greeted with fresh juices, incredible coffee, homemade omelets with vegetables from their organic gardens, and bread with macadamia nut butter made on the farm. If you like hot sauce on your omelet, ask for some – it’s homemade!

The hospitality in the restaurant was absolutely amazing. The General Manager stopped by our table daily to check in, give us safari tips, ask about our game drives, and educate us about the status of Kruger National Park.

Oh, and the SPA. How could I forget. It’s INCREDIBLE. It’s open daily, but book as soon as you arrive as it books up quickly! We booked a facial – what a treat. Check out the entire spa menu here. The Spa is located by the river, just a short walk from the Tented Suites and River Café. 

One more thing! I forgot to share that there is also a Gin distillery on the property. Learn all about it here:

On the slopes of Summerfields estate, nestled between stretches of lush subtropical vegetation, lies our bountiful litchi orchard. Hot, humid summers with thunderous rainstorms create the ideal climate needed to produce the sweet florallike flavours characteristic to the litchi fruit, from which we distill our own alcohol, the base for Duke Gin. Unlike most traditional gins which simply import raw alcohol, Duke veers towards avantgarde through its utilisation of litchis to create a truly unique and flavourful gin. Duke is an exotically fragrant gin – traditional and tropical botanicals are gradually infused during distillation to produce a balance between sweet, fresh hints of rose, ginger and honey, and grounded, earthy tones of juniper berries and macadamia. Our unique, triple distilled Gins are produced from ‘farm to bottle’ and are fermented and distilled in small, hand-crafted batches – entirely on the estate, giving rise to the slogan ‘farm to bottle’. Each bottle is lovingly signed as a tribute to its authenticity. Our forever-faithful companion, Duke the Vizsla, reminds us that persistence and consistency are key to producing the perfect gin, every time. Duke Gin, now known as ‘Duke Of The Lowveld’ now comes in 4 distinct varieties, Duke Original, Duke Sportsman, Duke Zero and Duke Copper.

I am so pleased we decided to stay at Summerfields, and I hope you get to stay there, too!